Giosam provide products and services to oil and gas industries. We specialize in WELL SERVICES. Giosam undertake field activities and workshop back-up of redressing, function testing and installation of oil well safety devices comprising:

  • Surface control subsurface safety valves (SCSSV)
  • Subsurface control subsurface safety valve (SSCSV)
  • Injection valves or Tubing plug
  • Flow line safety valve (FLSV)
  • Make-up completion kits for well completion
  • Installation of emergency shutdown devices ESD


  • Supply of Technical Manpower to service Oil and Gas Processing Facilities Requirement
  • Complete Commissioning and Start-Up assistance for Oil and Gas processing Units
  • Trouble shooting and maintenance of existing facilities
  • Start-up Commissioning and Operating of New build facilities
  • Plant Up-Grade Construction and Installation Management

Service Lines Offered:
Commencing from pipeline construction, commission, through operation to abandonment, Giosam render all round services to enhance the pipeline life span by carrying out:
Engineering, Construction and Maintenance: –
– Commissioning and Maintenance of Storage Tanks, process piping network, structural steel and associated facilities.
– Plant Inspection Services, QA/QC
– Cathodic Protection of pipelines and Heat exchangers
– Pre-Commissioning and Engineering Support Services.
– Industrial cleaning
– Pipeline pigging
– Borehole Drilling
Procurement Services: –
Procurement and Supply of NDT equipment and tools, Oil Field Tools, Technical equipment and Industrial Chemicals.

Mainline of business and services:
Giosam Services and Supply Ltd, a group of specialized companies in various fields, provides the following specialized services in the oil/gas and allied industry:
Construction & maintenance of storage tanks & associated facilities
Maintenance of refinery & petrochemical plants’ static equipment:-heat exchangers, columns, pressure vessels, drums, pressure relief valves etc
Construction & maintenance of process piping and steel structural facilities
Plant inspection consultancy, services & QA/QC
Industrial cleaning [ hydro blasting. Chemical cleaning, sewer Ponds. Tanks & columns Des-ludging, pipeline pigging] borehole drilling.

Giosam is committed to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to your pipeline construction needs.
Giosam is a general/mechanical contractor specializing in:

  • Pipeline station construction
  • Custom pipe fabricating
  • All forms of pipeline and station maintenance

If you need maintenance work done, Giosam can help.

We also offer special services such as pipeline anomaly investigations and repairs, pipeline recoating, instrumentation, riverbank erosion control, swamp work and equipment alignment.
You’ll see by our past projects list that our work is both varied and specialized.