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PRESSURE ACTIVATED SEALANT A cost-effective method of internally repairing pipeline leaks without dig up and surface preparation. Sealants can be used in the harshest operational environments and will maintain their sealing integrity up to 500º F and to 22,000 psi. You can depend on it for high pressure leak repair jobs. Sealants compatible with oil

Fiber Reinforced Composite Repair

Fiber Reinforced Composite Repair Composite repair, in general, consists of woven fiberglass in an epoxy resin material bonded to the pipe using an adhesive. This method, as an alternative to Welded Full-Encirclement Split Sleeves, has the advantage of eliminating the need for welding but still requires excavation and cleaning. Examples of this technology Internal Repair

Epoxy Sleeve Repair

Epoxy Sleeve Repair Epoxy sleeve repair comprises two oversized steel half-shells which are joined together to encircle the damaged area, leaving an annular gap. The annulus is sealed at each end of the sleeve using a fast-setting material, and then filled at very low pressure with a stiff epoxy-based compound. The epoxy grout cures, forming