It is the policy of GIOSAM to plan and conduct all its activities in such a manner that the health and safety of all personnel of the company are properly safeguarded.

We shall carry out all activities in such a manner as to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment.

GIOSAM will conduct training programs to educate all personnel on proper safety and environmental awareness. We consider, that it is the duty of all employees to prevent self-injury and to safeguard against injury to co-workers. Every employee, contractor and sub-contractor shall plan and carry out their duties in accordance with these policies.

All safety officers and their supervisors will adhere to the procedures for reporting unsafe acts, near misses, lost time injuries and unsafe conditions. Proper reporting will give management the opportunity to identify and eliminate their causes.

GIOSAM will conduct routine safety audits and inspections to identify and prevent unsafe working practices. All stakeholders are expected to report to  safety department, of all unsafe acts.

All staff shall be medically fit throughout their employment and the company shall be responsible for any liability.

GIOSAM shall be responsible for any liability that may result in the event of any personnel suffering occupational disease or any impairment to health.

‘’No Smoking’’ rules must be enforced.